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Brendon - Singer/Guitar

Brendon Foreman's 5Brendon fell in love with The Beatles at 9 years of age and has been singing ever since. Passionate about all things music, he fronts Foreman's 5 as singer, guitarist and musical director.
“Music is a synthesis of passion & energy; it's pure, focused love in action. This is how we express our music so that your event is filled with every bit of passion and excitement you deserve. Our pledge as a band is to bring that focus every time we perform...”
Brendon Foreman's 5 Brendon Foreman's 5 Brendon Foreman's 5

Cheri - Singer

Cheri Foreman's 5Originally from Massachusetts, Cheri's family moved to Florida where she began her professional career in music. Cheri is the type of performer that moves you, literally. Her presence and energy is contagious and her broad vocal range is inspiring.
Cheri Foreman's 5Cheri performed at MTV's Spring break headquarters, Club Levela in Panama City, with her tribute band~
No Clout, the No Doubt/Gwen Stefani tribute band.
Cheri brings energy and passsion to the F5 lineup!

TJ - Singer/Bass

TJ Foreman's 5TJ brings a unique energy to F5 with his 4, 5 and 6-string Bass guitars combined with his always fun, explorative approach to music.
“F5 is a great opportunity for me because it's comprised of such talented musicians!
We are able to push the boundaries of so many genres with our diversity, giving the audience not only a great party, but an engaging and entertaining show.”
TJ Foreman's 5 TJ Foreman's 5 TJ Foreman's 5

Colby - Singer/Drums

Colby Foreman's 5Colby Peters is a multi-instrumentalist from Orlando, FL. Primarily a drummer/songwriter, he was a founding member of both SWFL rock groups Phoenix Falling and Galia Social, and has played with numerous local acts.
Colby has found a home as the backbone of F5 bringing solid drumming and contagious personality. Ringo reborn...Colby Peters!
Colby Foreman's 5 Colby Foreman's 5 Colby Foreman's 5

Tyson - DJ

Tyson Foreman's 5Tyson's musical influences span Top 40 to Hip-Hop, all the way to Country, Rock and beyond.
“DJ'ing, like any creative expression, flows naturally from my influences and my musical heart. Tyson Foreman's 5 Mixing this form of expression with the live energy of the F5 band creates a sound that is so much more than the sum of it's parts...it becomes a truly ungorgettable, musical event!”